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Mar 4, 2014 4:00pm PST
of state kerry is in ukraine tonight and said he'll work on ways to deescalate tensions further. coming up, how they plan to help the government nut get up and running. >> main may be responsible for several accidents overnight n san francisco a driver lost control on wet tracks and crashed into everett middle school. >> in pinole chp blaming speed and rain for a rollover accident overnight happened onion ramp to eastbound 80 around 11:30. she was treated on scene for minor injuries and is expected to be okay. >> very cloudy outside, but no real rain, i think. >> right. let's go to spencer christian. >> well put, no real rain, correct. you can see clouz and spots of moisture, there may be an isolated sprinkle or two. and you can see this is the movement of spots of moisture, you can see wetter conditions in the north bay. look at the small amount at redwood city. 2/100ths. you can see rainfall not evenly distributed a live view showing lots of clouds. temperatures 59 in san francisco. a live view showing clouds over san francisco international airport. 61 in napa. 59 san rafael. and lookin
Feb 26, 2014 4:00pm PST
met with secretary of state john kerry and joked about his political thriller. >> i had to fake it for argo. i get to do the real thing, here. >> today he said there is a window of opportunity to take action there. celebrities are spotted lobbying for a cause near and dear to them. ashley judd pushed congress on hiv research and environment. and even elmo from sesame street asked lawmakers to support music programs in american schools. >> there are too many issues to expect people are going to focus on the range of important dates. >> if their celebrity can advance a cause, they're going to take advantage of the spotlight. abc news, washington. >> well parents of a 5-year-old boy in connecticut are demanding answers after his son was taken from school by the great grandfather of another student. the man told officials he didn't realize he had the wrong child until he got home he brought the boy back the family says they have no reason to believe the child was harmed but still, a lot of questions remain. >> he hasn't said a lot about it. very, very scared. the day of, once he got
Mar 3, 2014 4:00pm PST
of state john kerry leaves tonight for kiev. vice president biden called the russian prime minister today, urging russia to start with the white house called a meaningful dia loss with the ukrainian government. uncertain tim pacted the global final markets. the russian occurrency plummeted to an all-time low the state department says sanctions against russia are likely and be ieshgs sishg sishg juggler victor key left today started the help ukraine project, hoping to support the fight for democrat and i freedom in yu crane. >> i think this has to be taken very seriously right now, before it's too late. not waiting a long >> he plans to juggle at various stops during the next two weeks and is also raising money for ukrainian observe fans. >> as just mentioned the crisis is prompting a big selloff. the dow finished down 153 points. the nasdaq dropped 30, and scht s and p fell 13. >> a former truck driver is in jail tonight after a low-speed chase across the bay snarling traffic for hours during the morning commute. >> we're live to explain what happened. it's not every day chp officers find
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3